Apple Pie and a Giveaway!

21 Nov

Recently I was contacted by Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark and was given the opportunity to try Pillsbury Pie Crusts (with a coupon provided by Pillsbury).  I have used Pillsbury pie crusts in the past and have always enjoyed them.  T loves apple pie so I knew he would love this too!

We had hoped to go to an orchard and pick our own apples but due to all the weird weather, all the apples were already off the trees and the farmers markets were closing down.  So off we went to the grocery store (twice) for apples.

I used a simple apple pie recipe I had in a cookbook and T loved it!  He loves granny smith apples so he was more than happy to eat 6 cups (!) worth of granny smith apples in the pie.

Granny Smith Apples

Sliced Apples

That’s a LOT of apples!

Apple Pie

Something must have gone wrong in the baking process because when T cut into it, the crust deflated.  He said there were a full 2 inches of space between the apples and crust.

Apple pie

You might be asking why I didn’t know that.  Well…I don’t like fruit pies.  I love making them for others but I can’t stand mushy fruit.  Dad came over today and tried some and said it was a little tart but was still good.  I’ll have to take their word for it!  🙂

Apple Pie

Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark were so kind to send me a package to make sure I had all the tools needed to make this apple pie.

Pillsbury Package

What is even more exciting is that they are giving the same package to one of you!  The package includes: pie crust coupon, pie pan, cutting board, timer, potholder, apple wedger and measuring spoons.  Everything you need to make your own apple pie!

You have 3 ways to enter:

  1. Comment on this post and answer this question, “What is your favorite kind of pie”.
  2. Like Pillsbury’s Love the Pie Facebook page and come back here and tell me.
  3. Follow me on Twitter and come back here and tell me.

You have until Wednesday 11/24/10 at noon to enter.  Winner will be chosen at random.


A New Home

13 Aug

While my blog is being moved to a new server, I moved to a new place at work.  In fact, I moved to a cubicle with all the other marketing people.  I’ve never worked in a cubicle before but I think I’m going to like it.  It’s quite cozy!

New Desk

Do you see Darth Tater? I got him at Disney a few weeks ago.

Here is another new addition to the desk:

Cookie Jar Mickey

He also came from Disney.  I just couldn’t resist!

One thing that I have been craving (had one this morning) is a PB and Banana Sandwich.  I love to have them with bfast.  If you have never had one…drop what you are doing and go make one.  I’m waiting….

It should look like this when it is done:

PB & Banana Sandwich

Also, look at this goober in the window.  She’s gotten so big!  She used to fit perfectly.  😦

Kitten in the Window

Lexi is getting so big!

Now for something serious.  As I began the process of moving the blog (thanks bro for hosting it for free) I was asked, rightfully so, what the purpose of the blog was.  Honestly, it began as a place share my new found love of baking.  But it has transitioned into something more.  I enjoy sharing my life and my healthy living struggles.  While I haven’t baked as much as I hoped, this blog move should help with that.  We cannot financially support a baking habit when we are working hard to pay off debt and pay for the hubs go to graduate school in cash.  It just isn’t feasible right now.  So while I will be allowing ads on the blog, it will be for  the express purpose helping me be able to bake more.

I am hoping to make baking a bigger focus on the blog but that will all be determined by what I can afford.  I will still talk about exercise and learning to eat healthier because I get a lot of questions about how I can do both.

The blog should be moved over sometime this weekend.  Once the theme gets worked out it will be ready to go (I couldn’t keep my old one for free) and I should be able to get all of that finished over the weekend.  Hopefully I will start working on a new header as well.  We shall see.

I can’t wait to get started with a new focus on the blog.  Look forward to at least one baking adventure during the week (probably on Fridays).  🙂


11 Aug

The Baking Bride is moving to a new server!  So I apologize for anything that may occur in the process.  I’ll be back when the moving process is over.

Memory Lane

9 Aug

Here’s a recap of what’s been going on.

We got a fun surprise in the mail the other day. Lexi couldn’t WAIT to see what it was!
Lexi vs Tube

We got a Mickey Poster (I had to put coasters on the side so I could take a picture).  We actually got this before vacation but I still wanted to share it!

Mickey on VacationI cannot wait to put this up on my wall!


I tried these while on vacation.  Not too bad.  I didn’t really like the spinach chips though.  Has anyone else tried them?

I also tried Natural PB.  I got this last night and the hubs couldn’t figure out why I wanted to buy a separate PB.  We looked at the ingredients and with sugar and molasses and “some other thing I can’t pronounce” in it, I think my PB won!  Mine only has roasted peanuts and salt.

Natural PB

The hubs and father in law also put together the grill yesterday.  It’s a 4 burner and I can’t wait to bbq on it!  We are just waiting for the propane tank and a cover to keep it all purdy!


After admiring our work, we looked at the rest of our garage.  Just a few months ago, we were able to fit a car in here.  But after both sets of parents finally getting all our stuff out of their houses…it’s turned into a mess.  Hopefully when the whether isn’t so unbearably hot we will get to clean this out.


Looking through a few of the boxes, I found some old stuff.  It was a trip down Memory Lane!

Ancient PhoneMy old high school cell phone.  Classy face plate…no?

Disney BucksDisney Dollars.  I can’t believe they are discontinuing this!

H.S. DiplomaMy High School Diploma.  Look how smart I was!  Advanced Program, National Honor Society, National Beta Club=Nerd!

Academic Award

More evidence of my Nerdiness.

LetterAnd my High School letter.  I got one for academics!  I never got a jacket because they were expensive but I did get the letter.  How cool was I?

I’m sure I will have a ton of fun things to show you as we continue to clean the garage.  But for now…let the nerd jokes begin!

Family Reunion

5 Aug

This post is a long time coming.  I have been so busy after getting back from Disney and Daytona Beach that I haven’t had much of a chance to blog.  Tuesday night we had to go to a work event for the hubs and then yesterday we made an impromptu trip to Lexington to visit with our friend Matt.  In between all of that I am working on a small project for my dad that had to be done ASAP!  But now that I’ve had a chance to sit down…here’s a recap of the trip.

Last Tuesday, I was picked up from work and then met my hubby to leave for Daytona.  Since we were driving and I couldn’t leave until after work, we had plans to stop somewhere along the way and the drive the rest the next morning.  Somehow Dad got the crazy idea to drive through the night and get to Disney early in the morning.  So we did.  I didn’t end up driving because it made me nervous to drive in the rain in a car I’m not used to as well as the fact that driving and being in cars puts me to sleep.  It is hard for me to get 2 hours in without getting very drowsy and it gets worse when it starts getting dark.

We arrived at Disney around 9:30 and somehow got into our room.  We stayed at Caribbean Beach and we all loved it.

Caribbean BeachRight outside our door

Dad and my brother, Chris, had free tickets to Sea World so they dropped us off at Downtown Disney to play and shop.  We did our shopping with a Disney gift card that we got from my parents for our anniversary.  It was soooo thoughtful!  We then headed out to dinner and to go play putt-putt.

On Thursday we headed to Daytona.  I am not a beach person.  I don’t thrive on sitting in the sun and I hate the saltiness of the ocean.  It is especially bad with my contacts.  So I didn’t even get in the ocean or the pool.  I don’t think that I even own a bathing suit that fits!

Friday was a fun day for us.  We slept in and then headed back to Disney around 2.  We had booked reservations at California Grill before we knew we were going to be spending any amount of time at Disney.  Here’s some pictures of our dinner:

TinkerbellTinkerbell came by before we got there to sprinkle some fairy dust and wish us a happy anniversary!

SushiHubs’ sushi

Chocolate Creme BruleeChocolate Creme Brulee

Happy AnniversaryHappy Anniversary!

We didn’t take a picture of all the food obviously but we were stuffed at the end of our meal.  Thanks California Grill for another great meal!

Me and HubsCan’t you spot Cinderella’s Castle?

We arrived back in Daytona late and full!  We arrived just in time for a card game with the family.

Our real reason for going to Daytona was to see this pretty lady.


That beautiful woman is Grandmother.  She can ONLY be called by Grandmother.  My grandmother has had some pretty scary health issues in the past year.  This year alone she has had pneumonia three times.  She has never had to be in a wheelchair before and it broke my heart.  It is hard to see a loved one grow older but that is exactly why we went.  To save money, the hubs and I thought we might skip a reunion  but knew that we couldn’t after some of her other health issues.  She is such a dear, sweet woman and it is truly a shame that I only get to see her once a year if we go to the reunion.  Love you Grandmother!

I’m Back!

3 Aug

Hey guys!  I’m back from the beach/Disney and meant to post last night.  We got home late on Sunday night and I didn’t get to bed until 2am and then couldn’t sleep.  So when we got home from grocery shopping at 9 last night I knew I didn’t have it in me to be typing on the computer.

I will do a recap tonight or tomorrow (depending on when I can remember the memory card to download pictures).  I will tell you that I worked out last night.  The hubs and I went after I got home from work and then I worked out again this morning.  It is so nice to get back into a routine and I definitely missed working out, although I did run once on the trip.  After all the indulgent food…I definitely need the exercise (not to mention the two 13 hour car rides).

I can’t wait to show you the reason we went to the beach and do a recap! Hope you all have a good Tuesday!


28 Jul

Here’s some ceremony pictures.

SanctuaryOur Sanctuary

My Mom, Dad and brother, Chris

Mom and GrandmotherMom and Grandmother

Pastor Les

The Kiss

The Wedding