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No Exercise for Me

19 Jul

I’m starting to get really frustrated.  I want to work out but my leg is really starting to prevent me.  I went this morning and did 10 minutes on the elliptical.  I was having trouble catching my breath so I went to do a few weights.  Everything felt fine and I even did some squats but the rest of the day my leg has ached and itched.  Positive thoughts are more than appreciated! :/


Saturday was the laziest day I’ve had since I can remember.  I had 2 naps and did basically nothing all day.  Sunday, however, was productive.  I made a blueberry pie (recipe here) after church and then we went to see Inception.  I saw it last Monday at an early screening but the hubs hadn’t seen it.  He didn’t love it as much as I did but he still enjoyed it.


After the movie we rushed home and grabbed something quick to eat while cleaning the house.  My Mom, Dad and brother came over to eat the pie and sit on the back porch.  It was really fun just hanging out and getting to be together.


People often ask me how I don’t gain enormous amounts of weight when I bake.  The reason is because I don’t each much, if any of what I bake.  For example, the blueberry pie that I made I did not eat any of.  I’m not a huge blueberry fan but I’m even less a fruit pie person.  I just don’t like my fruit like that.  I love apples but don’t eat baked apples or apple pie.  I’m weird like that. 


Anyway, my parents love this recipe as does the hubs.  My brother was even impressed.  This recipe is so easy anyone can do it.  If you need a quick, yummy (according to my critics) blueberry pie recipe, this is it!


I hate to tell you all this but I may not be able to post much this week.  I will do my best but I know that I will be busy with a conference at work from 8am-8pm tomorrow with a 30-45 minute drive home.  Wednesday won’t be much better.  I’ll try to update when possible but I usually update at lunch so I don’t know when I’ll be able to. 


Hope I’ll be talking to you sooner rather than later!


Figured It Out (Hopefully)

10 Apr

Well…I think I have found a little clarity when it comes to the purpose of this blog. I am still not sure exactly where baking comes into the picture but I do know that I have been really encouraged by healthy living/food blogs. I feel like I am trying to make some really positive changes in my life, and more specifically my diet.

I know that I am, by no means, a healthy example. But I am starting to understand what foods to stay away from. Example: I now realize that I cannot make a wise/healthy decision while eating Mexican. I enjoy cheese dip and sour cream too much. After discussing that with the hubby, we have agreed to start thinking about those things before making a restaurant choice.

Another recent change I made is trying to incorporate more veggies in my diet. This may seem obvious, but I am not a lover of veggies. I really want to like veggies but the truth is that I don’t. I would love to actually get excited about a salad but that has never happened. So I have started forcing myself to eat tomatoes. I loathe tomatoes but I have found that they are okay in sandwiches. I’m trying to force myself to learn to like them and I already feel like I have passed a huge hurdle. If I can learn to like tomatoes, maybe there is still hope for other veggies.

Now, I won’t say that I am not going to bake yummy things anymore. I don’t know how baking fits into my healthier eating plan, but I do know that I have no desire to stop baking. Maybe I am supposed to figure out healthier ways to create these treats. Who knows? I am very excited to see where this takes me!

This Week

I know I haven’t had much consistency with blogging recently but Im hoping that will change. Last week I got back into weight lifting for my arms and a little for my legs. It felt good to start feeling strong again. Can’t wait to get some muscle definition!

Unfortunately, I did not work out/ run today. I meant to but I really wanted to get to a farmers market on the other side of town. I also had a hair appt today so with all of that, I didn’t have a chance to fit it in. I’m going to try to get some cardio in tomorrow. I need to get a long run in this weekend because we are only a few weeks away from the mini.

Speaking of the mini, I am signed up for the Flying Pig Mini Marathon in Cincinnati the Sunday after the Derby mini. I’m running it with my Dad and we are doing it for fun. I am not sure how my legs or foot will feel but I can’t wait to do I with my Dad. All I want is the really cool medal at the finish line so that is my motivation.

I do have several pictures to share but since I am doing this on my iPod, I will have to wait until I get to a comp to share.

Have a great Saturday night!