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14 Jun

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Here’s the rest of the recap of Vegas and then I’ll get to my weekend in a post tonight.  🙂


We got up early and attended a timeshare presentation.  While it was a really good deal, we were in no position to buy a timeshare when we have debt to pay off as well as a house.  Either way, it got us a free lunch, 2 Lion King tickets, 2 tickets to the Titanic exhibition in our hotel for only $26.  I was worried that, because we paid beforehand on Saturday, we would be scammed.  But I’m happy to say we got all of our tickets along with $50 for table games at the Mandalay Bay.  We picked out the shows so we were both pretty excited!

After the presentation, we headed back to the hotel and then ventured out to get lunch.  Yay for food courts with Subway!  It was so nice to have a light meal with all the heavy food we’ve been eating.  We then headed next door to the Coca-Cola store and got drinks from around the world.  For only $7 you can try 16 different drinks from all over the world.  Pretty neat.  I’ve traveled a lot and tasted some weird drinks but some of these were pretty weird.  One was unbearable *cough Italy cough*

Around the World

Our trays

Tray 1

Tray 1

Tray 2

Tray 2

We played around a little bit longer on the strip and then headed back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner and the show.  After cleaning up a little, we headed to Pyramid, one of Luxor’s restaurants that isn’t too expensive.  It was just your standard food, nothing exceptional but a good deal for Vegas.

Luxor has a walkway to Mandalay Bay so we headed over to play a little bit with our free money from the timeshare.  Immediately we started making money at the Roulette table. We played until it was time to see The Lion King.

I’ve seen the Broadway show before but the hubs never had.  While the show was phenomenal, the foreign people next to us would not stop talking very loudly.  We had to shush them over and over and had made plans to move at intermission to some available seats.  Luckily, they never returned from intermission.

I made sure we saved at least $50 but in the end we walked out with $55.  Not too bad considering we didn’t spend any of our own money.  We decided to head to the self-serve frozen yogurt place right outside of the theatre.  The hubs wanted to make sure we took a picture with the money we walked away with!

Yogurt In

Yogurt + MoneyFrozen Yogurt: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Alpine Vanilla

Toppings: strawberries, white and milk chocolate chips

I felt like a real blogger!  I’ve never been to a self-serve yogurt place so I was super excited to go!


We did breakfast in the food court and then headed to the Titanic exhibit.  It came to town but I never got to see it so I was really excited.  It was also convenient because it was located in our hotel right next to the food court!

Let me just say that I have never been in such a fascinating exhibit.  I couldn’t take pictures inside so let me just assure you that it was amazing.  There were bottles that were still full of champagne that they recovered off the ocean floor.  The amazing amount of things they recovered as well as their condition was astounding.  You could also touch a glacier to see how cold it was.  The grand staircase was recreated and was just gorgeous.  There was also a section of the Titanic that they recovered called The Big Piece.  It was soooooo neat.  I am so happy that I didn’t miss out on this.  I could go on and on about what was in that exhibit but it would take me an entire different post!  🙂

We then headed out to go see the Stratosphere.  Unfortunately, the Stratosphere hasn’t been updated in a while.  You could tell all the displays were really old and faded.  I wasn’t all that impressed.  I wanted to go on ride but we decided that the admission was expensive enough ($15 per person!)

However, when you purchased your admission, you could sign up for a player’s card and get $15 free in slot games.  We were game and ended up winning $25 so we almost made up for our admission!  Why is that we only win money when we get it free from the hotel?

The hubs would not allow us to visit Vegas without going to a buffet.  We stuffed ourselves silly and then headed to Fremont St.  We knew that we would have to get up really early to get to the airport so we headed back to the hotel.  We briefly stopped in the casino long enough for the hubs to turn $5 into $90 on the video roulette machine.  I told him to cash out but he lost it all.  So I was pretty pleased with my $11.  🙂

We got to bed much later than we had planned so we only had less than 3 hours of sleep.  Note: I require a lot of sleep to be a happy camper!  We were picked up from the Luxor at 3:05am for the airport.  Because we weren’t sure how busy the airport would be for our 6am flight, we opted for the 3:05am pickup instead of the 4:05am.  Good thing too because we stopped at several resorts before we made it to the airport.

While the airport wasn’t very busy at that time in the morning, I was thankful to be through security.  By the time we headed to Sbux a little after 4 by our gate, there were a lot of people flooding into our terminal.  We may have been pushing it to take the later pickup.

Our flight was delayed from Dallas while we were taxiing to the runway for about 40 minutes but all in all the traveling wasn’t too bad.

Such a fun vacation!  And thanks again hubs for taking me to Disneyland!

A Disney Surprise

10 Jun

On Sunday, we left the Luxor around 7:30am and headed out to CA.  The plan was to hit up Downtown Disney and maybe the Pacific Ocean.  We loaded up on things to do so that we wouldn’t be bored for the day and set out for our 4 hr drive.

Look how pretty our drive was.  Not much to complain about!

Mountains*Please forgive the bug residue.

We got to Anaheim and were looking for parking with the hubs announced that we would actually be going into Disneyland!  It’s good to note that I had been nagging him to go since he decided it was too expensive for such a short amount of time.  While I agreed I still had hopes that we would get to go.

I couldn’t have been more excited!!!

MickeyAll-Star Game Mickey


Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

I didn’t take any other pictures inside the park.  I think I might have been too excited.  I had been to Disneyland in 2005 and because of the time crunch, didn’t want to waste any time when I could be riding rides!!!

We concentrated on riding things that we could not in DisneyWorld so that the hubs could ride them.  We started with the Matterhorn and then moved to the Finding Nemo ride.  This was not here last time I came so I was really eager to ride it.  Verdict: A little long and the story is a little disjointed but still a really cool experience.  I’m not sure it is a ride that I would ride often but I did really enjoy it.

Next we went and got a FastPass for the Indiana Jones ride.  This has to be one of my favorite rides!  If you aren’t familiar with Disney and FastPass, you can use your admission ticket and get a ticket for an attraction that allows you to come back at a certain time and have a shorter line.  So, while we waited for our FastPass to be available, we got lunch.  Not the healthiest of lunches, but I don’t like Caesar Salad so I had to get something else…chicken nuggets with apple slices.  I would have def. preferred a grilled chicken sandwich but all they had was fried chicken sandwich.  Grrr…

We then headed to Pirates of the Caribbean to see if it was similar to the one in DisneyWorld.  It definitely starts out different but then becomes very similar.  With a 10 minute wait, we couldn’t complain!

While walking to Indiana Jones, we passed Haunted Mansion.  I take real issue with Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  Unlike the one at DisneyWorld, it doesn’t look spooky.  First of all…it’s white.  How is a haunted house white???  It used to be just a white house with big columns and now they have changed it to look like a nice white plantation home.  How is that scary?

Then came Indiana Jones!!!  After a small glitch in the ride that contributed to a few extra minutes in line, we got in and it did NOT disappoint.  It may be one of Disney’s best rides.  It is done so well!

Last on our list was Space Mountain.  This I remembered to be very different.  While it was different, it was not what I remembered.  But I was not let down.  The hubs thought it was much better than DisneyWorld too!  The tracks are completely invisible and all you see are stars.  We really enjoyed it!

Then we headed to Downtown Disney.  We wanted to be out of town by 6pm so we wouldn’t be driving too late.  Even though it was a really short trip and we didn’t see the Pacific Ocean, we were both really happy that we went.  All in all, I think if you are in the area, Disneyland is fun but once you’ve been to DisneyWorld it sort of pales in comparison.  I would say this: Disneyland isn’t really a destination.  If you are in CA and want to go, it is a really fun day but if you want the full Disney experience, go to DisneyWorld.

Thanks Hubs for taking me!

Vegas Vacation!

4 Jun

After work today the hubs and I are heading to VEGAS with a side trip to Anaheim (we’re not going into Disneyland but we’re getting pretty close). I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to get out of town and just spend some time with the hubby.

I will be doing my best to update when I have the time. I should have plenty of pictures to share!!!

Why is packing the most stressful part of a trip? The hubby and I argue and get really frustrated while packing the night before a trip. Never ceases to fail me. Anyone else have that problem?

Well, I’m going to try to get some last minute work done and then we are heading to the airport!!! Thanks Lauren and Katie for helping us with the transportation!