Apple Pie and a Giveaway!

21 Nov

Recently I was contacted by Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark and was given the opportunity to try Pillsbury Pie Crusts (with a coupon provided by Pillsbury).  I have used Pillsbury pie crusts in the past and have always enjoyed them.  T loves apple pie so I knew he would love this too!

We had hoped to go to an orchard and pick our own apples but due to all the weird weather, all the apples were already off the trees and the farmers markets were closing down.  So off we went to the grocery store (twice) for apples.

I used a simple apple pie recipe I had in a cookbook and T loved it!  He loves granny smith apples so he was more than happy to eat 6 cups (!) worth of granny smith apples in the pie.

Granny Smith Apples

Sliced Apples

That’s a LOT of apples!

Apple Pie

Something must have gone wrong in the baking process because when T cut into it, the crust deflated.  He said there were a full 2 inches of space between the apples and crust.

Apple pie

You might be asking why I didn’t know that.  Well…I don’t like fruit pies.  I love making them for others but I can’t stand mushy fruit.  Dad came over today and tried some and said it was a little tart but was still good.  I’ll have to take their word for it!  🙂

Apple Pie

Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark were so kind to send me a package to make sure I had all the tools needed to make this apple pie.

Pillsbury Package

What is even more exciting is that they are giving the same package to one of you!  The package includes: pie crust coupon, pie pan, cutting board, timer, potholder, apple wedger and measuring spoons.  Everything you need to make your own apple pie!

You have 3 ways to enter:

  1. Comment on this post and answer this question, “What is your favorite kind of pie”.
  2. Like Pillsbury’s Love the Pie Facebook page and come back here and tell me.
  3. Follow me on Twitter and come back here and tell me.

You have until Wednesday 11/24/10 at noon to enter.  Winner will be chosen at random.


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