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Mexican Pizza

15 Jun

This was on the recipe page and I don’t think I ever actually posted it.  So here is one of my family favorites!

This is for my friend Lauren.  I told her what I was having for lunch and she made me promise I would put it on the blog.  Now, I cannot take credit for this recipe.  My parents have been making this forever and I have happily continued baking it.

For the base of the pizza, we use Pillsbury Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls (you can use the seamless Recipe Creations if you prefer.  I’d love to try them but have just never bought them).

After that, anything and everything is fair game as a topping.  I usually spread Old El Paso Fat-Free Refried Beans on the base as the “sauce”.  This generally does not take an entire can.  Then I add black beans on the refried beans, along with corn and the new addition…tomato.  Now, I do not really like tomatoes but I’m trying to add them to my diet.  They did not add enough flavor that I really noticed them so I will probably continue adding them when possible.  I also try to remember to add corn because it is delicious!

Mexican Pizza Before Cheese

Before Cheese

Then, you add cheese (I prefer the shredded Mexican cheese blend) and bake according to the crescent roll can instructions.  It’s as simple as that.

Mexican Pizza

Before Baking

You can also do this with pizza sauce and any pizza toppings you like.  This is such a fast and yummy meal.  We have also been know to use Pillsbury Grands Biscuits as the base after rolling them so they are thinner.  Both are really good!  I happen to  eat a lot of pieces of pizza when we make them at my house.  I cannot get enough!  If you need a quick meal, I definitely recommend this because it is cheap and completely customizable!

Baked Mexican PizzaBaked Mexican Pizza