Family Reunion

5 Aug

This post is a long time coming.  I have been so busy after getting back from Disney and Daytona Beach that I haven’t had much of a chance to blog.  Tuesday night we had to go to a work event for the hubs and then yesterday we made an impromptu trip to Lexington to visit with our friend Matt.  In between all of that I am working on a small project for my dad that had to be done ASAP!  But now that I’ve had a chance to sit down…here’s a recap of the trip.

Last Tuesday, I was picked up from work and then met my hubby to leave for Daytona.  Since we were driving and I couldn’t leave until after work, we had plans to stop somewhere along the way and the drive the rest the next morning.  Somehow Dad got the crazy idea to drive through the night and get to Disney early in the morning.  So we did.  I didn’t end up driving because it made me nervous to drive in the rain in a car I’m not used to as well as the fact that driving and being in cars puts me to sleep.  It is hard for me to get 2 hours in without getting very drowsy and it gets worse when it starts getting dark.

We arrived at Disney around 9:30 and somehow got into our room.  We stayed at Caribbean Beach and we all loved it.

Caribbean BeachRight outside our door

Dad and my brother, Chris, had free tickets to Sea World so they dropped us off at Downtown Disney to play and shop.  We did our shopping with a Disney gift card that we got from my parents for our anniversary.  It was soooo thoughtful!  We then headed out to dinner and to go play putt-putt.

On Thursday we headed to Daytona.  I am not a beach person.  I don’t thrive on sitting in the sun and I hate the saltiness of the ocean.  It is especially bad with my contacts.  So I didn’t even get in the ocean or the pool.  I don’t think that I even own a bathing suit that fits!

Friday was a fun day for us.  We slept in and then headed back to Disney around 2.  We had booked reservations at California Grill before we knew we were going to be spending any amount of time at Disney.  Here’s some pictures of our dinner:

TinkerbellTinkerbell came by before we got there to sprinkle some fairy dust and wish us a happy anniversary!

SushiHubs’ sushi

Chocolate Creme BruleeChocolate Creme Brulee

Happy AnniversaryHappy Anniversary!

We didn’t take a picture of all the food obviously but we were stuffed at the end of our meal.  Thanks California Grill for another great meal!

Me and HubsCan’t you spot Cinderella’s Castle?

We arrived back in Daytona late and full!  We arrived just in time for a card game with the family.

Our real reason for going to Daytona was to see this pretty lady.


That beautiful woman is Grandmother.  She can ONLY be called by Grandmother.  My grandmother has had some pretty scary health issues in the past year.  This year alone she has had pneumonia three times.  She has never had to be in a wheelchair before and it broke my heart.  It is hard to see a loved one grow older but that is exactly why we went.  To save money, the hubs and I thought we might skip a reunion  but knew that we couldn’t after some of her other health issues.  She is such a dear, sweet woman and it is truly a shame that I only get to see her once a year if we go to the reunion.  Love you Grandmother!


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