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Bluegrass 10,000

3 Jul

Well, I lied. I am not updating about my past week. I will get to that in a minute.

Yesterday we headed to Lexington to run in the Bluegrass 10,000. The hubs didn’t go so it was just me, Mom and Dad. Last night we ate at Mellow Mushroom and had some delish food. I watched Mom and Dad play shuffleboard and then we all headed to bed.

This morning was beautiful weather for a summer race. The morning air had a nice chill and we knew that it wouldn’t be way too hot. Mom and I ran together the entire race and it was so much fun! We finished in 1:16 which was awesome because I haven’t really run a full mile since my last half in May. Considering it is only 2 mins slower than when I was in much better shape, I am very happy!

After the Bluegrass 10,000 this morning, we ate bfast at the hotel and Dad and I played ping pong. Then we headed over to the bball court and then finished with shuffleboard. Mom and Dad jumped into the hot tub while I got cleaned up.

We did a quick lunch and headed to Petsmart and Old Navy and then headed home. Once we pulled into my parent’s driveway, we heard the ice cream truck. Don’t think I didn’t wait several minutes to get some ice cream. I am not sure anyone gets more excited about the ice cream truck! Yum…Choco Tacos are the best!

When I arrived home the hubs decided we would go ahead and head to Richmond for our 4th of July weekend. I thought we were leaving tomorrow. Therefore I haven’t had time to update all the pictures. I am updating on the iPhone. Sorry guys. It will probably have to wait until Monday. By then, is it even worth it?

Right now I am icing my Achilles tendon. It is mad at me because I haven’t run enough and the did a 10k today. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

I’m Official!

26 Jun

I became an official runner on Thursday night.  I lost the majority of a toenail that I injured back at the end of April.  My Dad considers this to be a badge of honor.  If you want to know what it looks like after trimming it down…click here.

Last night I was busy doing this:


Can you tell which boards we needed to replace?  In addition to the new boards you see here, we have replaced the steps as well.  We have drilled the holes into them but they have all been trimmed and put into place.  It will be soooo nice to actually treat the deck and then set up our grill that has been sitting in a box in the garage for 2 years.  Last year, when we were renting this house from my brother, his grill was on the deck.  Once he moved out, we didn’t want to set ours up until the deck was treated and ready to go.  Coincidentally,  my bro and I have the same exact grill.  We found that extremely funny after we got it at a wedding shower.

Today we went to the Farmer’s Market and actually bought something.  Sometimes the Farmers Market trumps the gym.  Especially when I really want to sleep in!  We usually like to go and mingle and try samples but today we decided to buy some corn.  Can’t wait for that!!!

I’m getting a haircut today and then it is off to meet the in-laws for dinner.  Hopefully there will be another update tonight but if not…I’ll see you tomorrow!

Happy Father’s Day!

21 Jun

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

My Dad is one of the most amazing men I know.  While I’m a bit partial, I’m sure his other “kids” would agree! Mom and Dad taught Sunday School for almost 20 years and since then, they have been adopting kids from the church as well as my friends to send care packages to as well as attend their events.  He really does have a heart who loves and cares for others.

Dad is dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle and I really admire that about him.  He isn’t one to sit around…he thinks about the next race he is going to do and just goes and does it.  He’s run a marathon and right now he is working towards a triathalon!

My Dad works only a few blocks away and one of my favorite things is meeting up with him for lunch.  We have a small courtyard that has tables and chairs right by my building so on a nice day it is not unusual to see us outside eating.  He is truly one of my favorite people and one of my best friends.

Love you, Dad!


It’s a Girl!

Funny Face

Father/Daughter Dinner at Church

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

I think he was trying to remember his line “Her Mother and I”

Black Tongue

Kim’s Wedding!

This is what black icing does to your tongue

Flying Pig

Flying Pig Half Marathon

Geist HalfGeist Half Marathon

If I Can, You Can

24 May

For several years, I laughed in my Dad’s face when he tried to convince me to do a half marathon with him, Mom and my brother. I didn’t work out, I didn’t eat well and I DIDN’T run! I was finally convinced to do it and I was less than thrilled. I didn’t train which mean I didn’t feel well during or after the race. But I did feel the exhilaration of finishing! I had never felt anything like that before.

After talking with my best friend, Kim (Hey, Kim!!!) I found myself convincing her to do a half marathon. I never thought I would come to the day that I would be encouraging people to do what I protested against.

But here I am. I am not a runner. I will never claim to be. I enjoy how accomplished I usually feel after a decent run but I know that I am not a fast runner. I’m not sure I ever will be and that is ok. That is not my main goal. I want to finish. Usually I have a time I want to beat but I don’t necessarily have to beat it to feel such joy at finishing.

I know that endurance runners probably won’t agree with me but I think everyone (unless they have a disability to prevent them) can do a half marathon. Most people think it is a crazy thing that isn’t attainable for them. I’m here to prove that it is. I have now done five half marathons, one 10 miler, one 10k and a bunch of 5ks. Something I never would have dreamed of.

Here are some tips for starting to run:

  • Get fitted for shoes. It is so important to have the correct shoes so that you don’t get injured while training. A running store should be able to fit you. And while the shoes might cost a little more…you will be MUCH happier.
  • Start slowly. Don’t be afraid to have small goals. Most people won’t be able to just go out and run a mile at a really good pace. I know that I can’t (I consider anything under a 12 min mile a victory). If you push yourself too hard and far too fast, you will likely get injured. If your body isn’t used to running, you have to build up your endurance and distance.
  • Set goals. I think this is really important. When you bite the bullet and sign up for a 5k, you are now emotionally and financially invested which will give you motivation to stick with running. Having goals provides the motivation needed to complete the race.

*Please note: I am not a trainer. These are my personal views. Please ask a doctor before starting to train.

Once you have completed one race, you will start looking for the next one. The sense of accomplishment is infectious!!!

Geist Half Marathon Recap

23 May

On Friday, I got to leave work a little early to head to Indiana for the Geist Half Marathon.  I was meeting the hubs and my parents at their house to hit the road.  I was pretty excited about finishing up this 3rd half marathon so that I could relax and not stress about races or anything.  My parents and husband were heading there with me for support as I did this alone.  I had never done a race by myself and since I am slower than the rest of my family, this is not unusual…except for the corrals.  I didn’t know what I would do or who I would stand next to at the corrals.  Seems like a pretty dumb fear but that was the only part I was worried about.

We made pretty good time and headed for the Geist Half Marathon Expo.  I wasn’t expecting much of a packet pickup because there were only about 6,000 participants in the race.  I had signed up for the Month of May Marathon Club which meant that I had already completed a half marathon in the month of May and would therefore be completing a “marathon” in May.  I’m not sure I really agree with that line of thinking because running 2 halves (in this instance is it halfs or halves?  I wanna write halfs but that might be wrong) is not nearly the accomplishment that running a full marathon is. I got into an express line and got my t-shirt and they gave me a special parking pass in a bag.  It was nice to already feel special because the parking pass and bag.  I also had a different colored bib.  More on that later.

After I got my packet, I turned around and Dad said “Now I have to go get mine”.  I don’t remember what I said exactly but it was something to the effect of “Whatever, Dad!”  Mom said my face was priceless as I watched a huge smile emerge on Dad’s face!  Dad had signed up for the race so that I wouldn’t have to do it alone even though we weren’t actually sticking together like the Flying Pig Half.  I couldn’t believe that Dad hadn’t spilled the beans.  He accidentally hinted at it on Facebook but I didn’t assume anything.  You’re crazy, Dad!

We headed back to our hotel and whipped up our customary pre-race food; waffles, grits and eggs.  I was in carb heaven!  Until the next morning.  I think I will have to start taking a serious look at how I’m eating before a race.  Both Trent and I did not feel like the food sat well the next morning.

On Saturday Morning, we headed out early and I felt terrible.  I was, however, happy to start with my Dad.

Geist Half

Dad and I before the race

Notice that our bibs are 2 different colors?  Dad had a regular bib while I had a special purple and green bib.  I was #22!  My special bib was for being in the Month of May Club.  That got me into a special tent at the end of the race with all sorts of fun perks!!!  It’s really cool to feel like you are special and are being recognized for it.

Before I know it…we were off!

Geist Start

Dad and I ran together until we passed Mom and the hubs on that first bridge.

Geist - Me and Dad

Coming into this race, I had no expectations.  As most of you know, I haven’t run in 3 weeks because of some ankle pain so I didn’t know what to expect.  But I was completely distracted by the beautiful houses and neighborhoods that we ran through.  Most of the race was very subdivision-ish which I didn’t mind at all.  Looking Drooling over the houses around the Geist Reservoir kept my mind off what I was doing.

Once I hit mile 10, I started getting a lot of pain and essentially stopped running.  I had been dealing with some pain in my ankle but had been taking it pretty easy to keep from injuring it.  I didn’t expect that my knee would have trouble.  It might have been my IT band, I’m not sure but it hurt really bad.  I tried to run and I could have run through the pain but I was determined to not doing anything really bad to my knee.  So I decided to try and keep up a pretty decent walking pace for the next 13.1 miles.  I ended up walking at around a 15 min/mile pace for the last 3 miles.  I kept in contact with the hubs about time so he would know when I would come in.

I predicted 2:55 but unfortunately couldn’t make it.  I always forget about that extra 0.1 miles!  I came in at 2:57 and was more than happy with that.  I had just finished my 3rd half marathon in less than 30 days!  What’s more is that I finished in under 3 hours in all 3 races.  In 2008 and 2009, I couldn’t get under 3 hours!  With all that I went through to get here, I was so happy and ready for some rest!

Geist Half Shirt

My Geist Half shirt and medal.

I immediately headed to the Month of May Marathon Club Tent!

Month of May Club

In the tent was gourmet food and lots of fun drinks.  I tried to grab as much as possible for the rest of the fam since they couldn’t enter.  There were also massages and personal results as well as this super cool t-shirt!

Month of May Marathon Club Shirt

This shirt is probably the nicest shirt I have gotten in races this year.  Actually, both shirts are really nice.  The blue Geist half shirt is long sleeved and really pretty.  Overall, for only being in their 3rd year, this race was meticulously planned and was so well run.  I have to give kudos to them!  Mom is already talking about doing this race next year.  🙂

We hurried to the shuttles (no parking at the start or finish line) to head back to the hotel.  We ended up only having about 30 minutes for Dad and I to take a shower and check out of the hotel.

All-in-all a really good trip and a fun race.  I would def. recommend and do again!

Full Recap Tomorrow

22 May

Hey guys! I finished the Geist Half Marathon today! Unfortunately I haven’t had much Internet for 2 days otherwise, the blog would have been more lively!!!

Since I am sore and tired I will give you a full recap tomorrow hopefully. We have early church in the morning and then Wicked so I am not sure when I will be able to post. I need a comp to add pics from the race so bare with me as I try to fit all of it in. I wish I could easily do it all on my iPod Touch but I can’t.

Hope you all has a great Saturday! Talk to you tomorrow. Right now it is bedtime!!!

Biggest Loser Marathon

19 May

Sorry for not posting last night like I had planned. I slept through my gym alarm (AGAIN!!!) and felt like an utter blob all day. Halfway through watching Biggest Loser I decided that I would watch it at the gym while I did the elliptical. Lately I haven’t had any desire to go to the gym after I get home from work so I consider this a great achievement! I ended up doing 20 mins on the elliptical and 20 mins on the bike. I tried not to push too hard because I do have the a half on Saturday and don’t want my legs to be sore or tired.

Honestly, I haven’t done much for 3 weeks. I have faced a lot of setbacks and haven’t felt like I could do much after the Flying Pig. My ankle and arch on my left foot have really ached. I have been so concerned that I don’t hurt it any more before this race so I have been taking it pretty easy. But with this resting I have felt like such a lazy blob. I wish I could do more but right now I just don’t feel like it is possible.

All of that means that I feel completely unprepared for this half. I am hoping that my ankle will hold up well from all this rest. But one thing is for sure, I will finish this race. Even if I have to walk (which I am really hoping won’t happen) the whole thing. I am doing this race as a challenge for myself. I want to complete 3 half marathons in 30 days and I am more determined than ever to make that happen.

I am always so inspired by Biggest Loser. They achieve so much in such little time. I consider myself in decent shape but they are true athletes. I have never in my life worked (out) so hard and honestly I think Jillian would kill me. However, I would like to be ripped like her. Maybe one day…

Well, the cookies for the hubs’ classes are cooling and will be eaten on Friday. We were able to make them all tonight so we are now able to concentrate on other things tomorrow night like mentally and physically preparing for the race.

How do you mentally prepare for a race?

I usually wear a race shirt the day before that I am really proud of. Before the mini I wore the 10 miler shirt because I was really proud of my time. I just might wear that shirt again on Friday!