Memory Lane

9 Aug

Here’s a recap of what’s been going on.

We got a fun surprise in the mail the other day. Lexi couldn’t WAIT to see what it was!
Lexi vs Tube

We got a Mickey Poster (I had to put coasters on the side so I could take a picture).  We actually got this before vacation but I still wanted to share it!

Mickey on VacationI cannot wait to put this up on my wall!


I tried these while on vacation.  Not too bad.  I didn’t really like the spinach chips though.  Has anyone else tried them?

I also tried Natural PB.  I got this last night and the hubs couldn’t figure out why I wanted to buy a separate PB.  We looked at the ingredients and with sugar and molasses and “some other thing I can’t pronounce” in it, I think my PB won!  Mine only has roasted peanuts and salt.

Natural PB

The hubs and father in law also put together the grill yesterday.  It’s a 4 burner and I can’t wait to bbq on it!  We are just waiting for the propane tank and a cover to keep it all purdy!


After admiring our work, we looked at the rest of our garage.  Just a few months ago, we were able to fit a car in here.  But after both sets of parents finally getting all our stuff out of their houses…it’s turned into a mess.  Hopefully when the whether isn’t so unbearably hot we will get to clean this out.


Looking through a few of the boxes, I found some old stuff.  It was a trip down Memory Lane!

Ancient PhoneMy old high school cell phone.  Classy face plate…no?

Disney BucksDisney Dollars.  I can’t believe they are discontinuing this!

H.S. DiplomaMy High School Diploma.  Look how smart I was!  Advanced Program, National Honor Society, National Beta Club=Nerd!

Academic Award

More evidence of my Nerdiness.

LetterAnd my High School letter.  I got one for academics!  I never got a jacket because they were expensive but I did get the letter.  How cool was I?

I’m sure I will have a ton of fun things to show you as we continue to clean the garage.  But for now…let the nerd jokes begin!


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