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Poor Little Leggies

14 Apr

Sorry for the no post yesterday. I actually wrote a post and finished it as I was getting ready for bed. When I hit save, all my changes were deleted (I had started writing earlier in the evening and only had 2 sentences). Since all my work was gone, I decided that I didn’t have the energy to write it all again. So I will write it for you now!

Last week, my company expanded to another floor in our building. My team was moved from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor. Half of our company is still on the 2nd floor which is a little strange. But on Monday, I decided that to get a little extra exercise, instead of doing some basics things I could do on the 4th floor (ex: bathroom) I would walk down 2 flights. I spent all day Monday trekking between the 2 floors. Now…the building I work in is old and has tall ceilings so the 2 flights of stairs actually feel like 4 flights of steps. I kid you not, these steps are steep and BRUTAL! Some things, like the kitchen, are not available on the 4th floor yet so there is no other option than to trek down to the 2nd floor. I felt pretty good on Monday but when I woke on Tuesday…my calves were soooo sore. Like more sore than they are after a mini (maybe not as bad but pretty close).

I debated actually going to the gym on Tuesday because of my soreness but I knew that I should. I didn’t go on Monday since it was my birthday and I could do (or not do) anything I want. J I had a decent 2.5 mile run to make up for my pathetic run on Sunday but I didn’t have a chance to get any weights in.

Taking the stairs into work today was not fun. I definitely do not enjoy these steps but they get me off my butt and moving during the day. Work was good. No cake today but I did eat a lot. For some reason, I could not satisfy my hunger. My lunch was eaten before noon and I will still hungry. At one point, I had to leave my desk because I was digging into my Easter candy. I brought it from home so the hubs wouldn’t eat it while he was home on Spring Break. Plus, sometimes you just need something sweet!

After work, the hubs and I ate dinner outside on the deck. It was beautiful and not sweaty hot so we relished every second of it. I then decided that since it was so pretty, we could walk to the gym and I could do my weights and then we could get a Frappe from the McDonald’s across the street. I love those things. They are much better (IMO) than Sbux or anyplace else I’ve tried. I did my arms but found that the Frappe machine was broken when I met the hubs across the street. Oh well, I probably didn’t need it anyway.

We walked back and I got to watch Biggest Loser. The distance to the gym and back is a little less than 2 miles. I really like walking in the evening when it isn’t too hot and I don’t have to wear sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I did not get up to work out this morning. I tend to snooze and then realize it is too late to go and do more than 10 min. on the treadmill/elliptical. I always am so bummed about it but I think I am going to try and go tonight to make up for it. Since I ran on Tuesday, I am going to take it easy on the elliptical. Besides, my legs are still a little sore.


They Got Me!

1 Apr

Man, I’m gullible!  At my office people bring in treats and email everyone so they can have some.  We got an email this morning that there were donuts in the back kitchen.  Here is what we found when we got there:

April Fools Donuts

All we found was a picture taped to the counter. (FYI:  “The Tribe” is a team name at work)