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I’m A Walker!

12 May

Well…I had a blog mostly written but then my computer went crazy!  Since I don’t have a laptop to work on at home (Vista deleted itself off my comp) and blogging is not that easy to do on an iPod touch, I didn’t get around to rewriting it last night.  Suffice to say, I’ve been feeling better.  I haven’t been having head or tummy aches so I consider that a blessing!

I didn’t get up to go to the gym yesterday or today.  Since my ankle has been bothering me, I’ve become a walker!  I can’t say that I’m pleased with not being able to run before my next half but I’m not sure I have a choice.  I’d rather not injure myself before the race and not even be able to run/walk it.  From the beginning I’ve said that I am ok with walking it.  Doing 3 half marathons within a 30 days time is hard on the body and I’m not a seasoned runner.  Since getting sidetracked with injuries while training this year, I am not as trained as I’d really like to be.  And taking 3 weeks off to walk or elliptical instead of run is really frustrating.  I’m not sure how my body will react to doing 13.1 miles at the next half but I can say that I am mentally prepared for it (I think).  I will have my parents and husband cheering me on and that is really all I need.  I like a challenge but I know that if I start hurting and face being injured I will definitely be taking it easy.  I anticipate one of my worst times for a half but all-in-all the challenge of doing 3 races in 30 days is what is motivating me….not time.

On that note…I’d like to give a shout out to my Mom.  She finished her 2nd triathlon on Mother’s Day and I couldn’t be prouder (we couldn’t make it because we were with the hub’s parents).  Mom had a brain hemorrhage 1.5 years ago and once she found out she was ok and stopped getting migraines, she set out to do something she always wanted to do.  She did her first tri at Disney last September and it was a sprint triathlon (shorter distances) but this time, she did longer distances (I think an Olympic distance?  Could be wrong) and rocked it!  She ended up having a lot of trouble in the mini a few weeks ago with her arches so she had some trouble with the run but I am so proud of her!  Almost 2 years ago we weren’t sure if we would lose her or if she would have permanent brain damage but she is doing so well.  One day I wanna be like my mommy (except I don’t swim).  Here are a few pictures of her tri courtesy of my Dad.

Tri Swim

Tri Bike

Tri Run(Totally beating that guy behind her!)

Tri Finish

Tri Shirt

I couldn’t be happier for my mom.  She has overcome such a scary medical condition and has decided to do things she has always wanted to do.   She’s my hero!  Love you, Mom!

Who is you hero?