About Me

I got married in July 2008 and since then, have realized that I LOVE to bake!  I never really baked before I got married but when I started baking, I realized that I had a passion for it.  I’m still working on my decorating skills so many of my yummy treats don’t look as good as I would hope.  But that’s what practice is for!!!

While I am learning to bake, I am also striving to have a healthier lifestyle. I’ve never really liked vegetables but I am working hard to LEARN to like them so that I can become a healthier person. However, I will always have a sweet tooth. But with this healthier lifestyle, I am slowly learning how to control those sweet cravings and healthier alternatives. I am trying to stay motivated to work out and get physically stronger. I’m hoping that I can encourage those that think they may not be capable of starting an exercise program. I’m very vocal about my struggles with exercise!

I started reading a lot of baking and healthy living blogs in 2009 and have flagged several of the recipes to make and wanted to make sure that I was giving proper credit to those that I have used.

Please bear with me as I learn more about adding pictures and keeping up with this blog.  I look forward to beginning this journey!


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