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Weekend in the Boro

28 Mar

Sorry I have been MIA. Things are pretty busy in my household. Here’s a rundown:

After a short workout, I headed to work. Afterward, Dad and I headed to part of a spinning class as well as a kickboxing class (called Urban Warrier) at Urban Active. I think that Urban Active is waaaaay too big for me and the hubs. But I dis enjoy the kickboxing classes. I would definitely like to do it again. I am not sure that spinning is for me. I guess it is just something you have to get used to.

After class, Dad and I headed back to his house where he reluctantly tried a Green Monster. While he did think that it wasn’t too bad, I am not sure that it is a treat that he will enjoy frequently. My Mom came home as I was about to leave and she asked me to make her some. Mom really liked it and said she is going to start making them.

Not much happened that day. I did not get up to work out because I was pretty sore from the classes.

I decided to get up and spend some time on the elliptical that morning due to the fact that I wanted to finish 8 miles on Saturday. I knew that with my muscle soreness/fatigue would prevent me from running if I ran on Friday morning.

After work, I decided to make some cupcakes to take on our trip to visit my best friend, Kim, and her husband, Jonathan. I decided to make Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Icing. I headed to bed soon after because of my impending run the next morning.

I tried to get up really early to head to the gum and do my 8 miles. When I got up, my stomach felt upset and I ended up laying in bed for an extra hour. Once I got up and got to the gym, I knew the run would be particularly bad. My legs still felt fatigued from Wednesday’s classes. I did finish my 8 miles…not with a good time but I did finish. There was a lot of walking and wheezing (still getting over my sickness) but I felt good about it. Since we have a 10 mile race next Saturday, I thought it would be best to get some mileage in. I know that I am not training the way I should be because of injuries but I still want to feel prepared for the mini at he end of April.

I then went back home and got ready to head to Kim and Jonathan’s in Murfreesboro, TN. This is only about 3.5 hrs away so it is not too bad. Last time I was there, I brought several tornadoes with me. I had to wait an extra day to come back so that I would not be driving through them. Luckily I didn’t bring them this time!

We had so much fun with Kim and Jonathan! They gave me an early bday present of some cake pans. I will show those a little later. We also got to eat at a really fun place called Pie in the Sky. We got yummy BBQ pizza. I even have some to bring home and eat tomorrow.

After staying up late and just hanging out (and watching the UK game) we headed to Marble Slab Creamery. Jonathan hadn’t been but Kim had and didn’t like it. We convinced her to try it again and she loved it!


We got up and headed to IHOP after making a quick stop to Cafe Latte.  Kim and Jonathan have a REALLY cute little coffee shop that the hubs and I decided to try.  I got a Freezacino with chocolate and banana.  Probably one of the best things I have ever tried!  I love bananas (I eat one just about every day) and who doesn’t love chocolate?  Needless to say that I am now searching for banana syrup to add to my hot chocolate!

After making the trek home (it was raining pretty badly almost all the way home) we had to make a trip to the grocery.  We were out of everything!  It was one of our more expensive trips since we were out of plenty of things.

Then it was bedtime.  After sleeping on that air mattress, I definitely needed some sleep.  I am excited about the fact that I need to be resting a lot this week to get ready for my 10 miler on Saturday.  Sleeping an extra hour is always good!