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I’m Official!

26 Jun

I became an official runner on Thursday night.  I lost the majority of a toenail that I injured back at the end of April.  My Dad considers this to be a badge of honor.  If you want to know what it looks like after trimming it down…click here.

Last night I was busy doing this:


Can you tell which boards we needed to replace?  In addition to the new boards you see here, we have replaced the steps as well.  We have drilled the holes into them but they have all been trimmed and put into place.  It will be soooo nice to actually treat the deck and then set up our grill that has been sitting in a box in the garage for 2 years.  Last year, when we were renting this house from my brother, his grill was on the deck.  Once he moved out, we didn’t want to set ours up until the deck was treated and ready to go.  Coincidentally,  my bro and I have the same exact grill.  We found that extremely funny after we got it at a wedding shower.

Today we went to the Farmer’s Market and actually bought something.  Sometimes the Farmers Market trumps the gym.  Especially when I really want to sleep in!  We usually like to go and mingle and try samples but today we decided to buy some corn.  Can’t wait for that!!!

I’m getting a haircut today and then it is off to meet the in-laws for dinner.  Hopefully there will be another update tonight but if not…I’ll see you tomorrow!