Weekend Whirlwind

26 Jul

Wowee!!!  What a crazy weekend. I am going to breeze through everything so I can get to the good stuff!

I know I didn’t post on Thursday or Friday, but honestly you didn’t miss much.  We met for lunch on Thursday at Wolfgang Puck Express downtown and ended up waiting for over 40 minutes for our food.  They did try to make it better by giving us 1 free meal (which hardly compensates for the fact that we could not eat lunch together because I had to leave and go back to work).  We seem to be having a terrible time with restaurants lately.  Grr.

Friday we had our friend Melanie over and because of the craziness of the conference I passed out on the couch.  I’m a terrible hostess!!!  I also tried to tweek my cookie recipe but it did not come out right.  I blame the brown sugar.

Saturday was awesome because we were able to get back into the gym.  I’m still having trouble doing cardio because it is really hard to breathe.  I am hoping it’s just because I haven’t run in a while.  Anyone else have this problem?

Afterwards we went and got the hubs some new clothes at Old Navy because of his teacher discount of 20% off.  I got some running shorts to wear for races.  They come down to my knees so I don’t have to worry as much about sun burn.  I’ve been looking everywhere for pants like those.  I wanted them to be a little longer but they work and I’m happy!

Then we headed out to P.F. Chang’s for a small anniversary dinner.  We are celebrating in Disney on Friday at California Grill because we spent both our honeymoon and 1st anniversary in Disney.  P.F. Chang’s is our go-to nice restaurant because the hubs loves Chinese food and I will only eat Chinese food at P.F. Chang’s.  Then we stayed up a little too late watching a movie.  🙂

I wanted to upload pictures from the music festival I went to yesterday but WordPress isn’t letting me.  I’ll keep trying and will have a recap as soon as possible!


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