26 Jul

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  We got up early to go to church and vote in a new senior pastor.  We’ve spent over 16 months and the Pastor Search Committee went through over 550 resumes!  We then ran home to run to the gym and got ready for HullabaLOU!


HullabaLOU is a brand new music festival at Churchill Downs (where the Kentucky Derby is run) and featured some pretty big names.  The headliners were Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews Band.  It also featured some local artists as well as music legends such as Loretta Lynn (we saw her but didn’t stay long because of the heat).  Here is a photo recap of the day.  Most pictures the hubs took (I’m rubbing off on him!)

KY MarketplaceThe KY Marketplace with all the local artists trying to sell their art.  Can you spot me?

Churchill DownsChurchill Downs

Olivia HenkenOlivia Henken

Andrea DavidsonAndrea Davidson – By far my favorite local girl.  She said I could buy her cd at the festival but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  The hubs and I both loved her.

Taj MahalTaj Mahal – This guy could play the blues!


Black CrowsBlack Crows

Then we went to see Loretta Lynn and headed to the main stage.

Twin SpiresThe Twin Spires – What Churchill Downs is known for

Me and the HubsWe are a sweaty nasty mess.  Notice the dry weave shirts.  That was the best idea we had!

Main StageMain Stage – SOOOOO happy we opted to pay a little more and get reserved seats!

Zac Brown Band

Then it was time for the main event…the reason why we paid so much money…and the band that the hubs came to see for the ninth time…DMB!!!

DMBDave Matthews Band



Overall we had a lot of fun.  I would definitely go next year because Churchill Downs did really well with the organization.  I’ve never been to a music festival but the hubs was really impressed so I guess that means something.  There were plenty of chill zones and air conditioned areas and the food wasn’t TERRIBLY expensive although still an arm and a leg.  I will say that I was dehydrated for pretty much the whole day.  Between teh hubs and I, we downed 3 gatorades (maybe 4, I don’t remember), 5.5 bottles of water and a giant diet coke.  Can we say thirsty???


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