Conference Mania

22 Jul

Sorry it’s been so long! But you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let’s start with Tuesday.  The conference began on Tuesday and I had to look very professional because I would be meeting clients for the first time.  I knew that I would be standing a lot so I grabbed my comfy shoes and headed out into the monsoon.  These happen to be the same boots that Lexi peed on.  I thought it had all been cleaned up and I did the sniff test and thought I was good.  I took some fabric refresher with me since I was going in goloshes and sprayed the shoes once I got into the car.  Little did I know that the heat plus the moisture would make all the nastiness that is cat urine come from the depths of my boots.  I was in trouble!  Luckily the hubs brought me a replacement pair that happened to be brand new.

I was soaking wet from the monsoon (which almost turned my umbrella inside out) and trying to accomplish some work before I had to go to the conference for the whole day.  Since the conference ended around 5 and then there was a Client Reception at 6, I knew it was going to be a looooong day.  By the time it ended, my feet were in so much pain.  I decided not to walk back to work to grab my sandwich for dinner.  Instead I went to Borders (dangerous)!  I ended up buying “The Cookie and Biscuit Bible” that I have been eyeing for a while.  It was on clearance and I had a coupon.  I got it for less than $4.  That’s a LOW price! (envision commercial)

I grabbed a taco at the food court and then headed to the reception.  I wasn’t sure how much there would be to eat and honestly, I wasn’t terribly hungry.  I just didn’t want to be munching on food in front of clients but didn’t want to get so sick I’d be hungry.

I stayed at the reception for about an hour and then walked the 2 blocks back to work to pick up my purse.  I had been carrying around a nice black bag all day for stuff like phone and keys to my office (and my new book) but didn’t want to leave my purse out so I locked it in my desk.  Honestly, those 2 blocks were the most painful 2 blocks of my life for my feet!
We have several entrences into our building, 2 from the street and one from the parking garage.  Long story short, I couldn’t get my keys to work on the street entrences so I had to head all the way around the block and up a flight of stairs to get into the building. Once I got into the building the shoes came off.  Every time my feet had stopped moving, the soles of my feet would start burning.  Not a good sign.

While I wouldn’t normally walk around with bare feet on such gross public carpet, my feet left me no choice.  I also went up the elevator.  I got up to the 4th floor office, put my goloshes on and went home.  I didn’t get home until 7:45ish and I was out on the couch around 8:10.  The hubs tried to get me up and I refused because my feet hurt so bad!  He ended up carrying me but I still had to put weight on them to get ready for bed!

On Wednesday morning, my feet still hurt.  I think I bruised them and I rubbed a whole bunch of skin off my pinkie toe.  Not good!  And I still had another day of the conference.

Since I am the first person in the department in the office usually, I volunteered to come early and set up the table.  I got to work around 7am and headed over around 7:30 to set up.  This time, I wore flats.  So it was a much smoother day.  Nothing really exciting to report either except for the fact that they had ginormous cookies that I ended up eating a bunch of.  So. Good. I am happy to say that the day ended with me going home a little before 4 and then spending the evening riding bikes with the husband and drinking a smoothie.

I did however, take this video of Lexi.  She, unlike any other cat, doesn’t care if you play with her tail.  In fact, she couldn’t care less.  I just learned I could do this and if she showed any signs it hurt, I would stop.  However, she seems to kind of like it!

For some reason the video won’t load.  Head over to facebook to see it!  Just search for The Baking Bride and my page should pop up.  And like me too while you are at it!


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