1 Week

7 Jul

That iPhone didn’t stand a chance!  I got it last Wednesday and had it replaced today.  FOR FREE!!!  It was my father’s old iPhone 3G so it was a little beat up but I didn’t expect this.

Lauren and I were eating lunch today and my iPhone started freezing and crashing.  I took it into the Apple Store after work and they completely replaced it.  I could not have had better service!  So now I have a brand new iPhone 3G but I lost all the pics I took.  So you’ll just have to imagine the nice frappe the husband and I biked to last night along with the tomato that a coworker gave me.  I just do not have any documentation.

The hubs and I went to a local-ish restaurant called Puccini’s.  They have good food and I tried something new.  I got a calzone with chicken, riccota, goat cheese and roma tomatoes.  I did not love it.  It wasn’t terrible but I now know that I do not like goat cheese.  It tasted like cheese dipped in chlorine to me.  I have leftovers and I will eat them but I’m not too excited about it.  But now I know.

Also, I’ve given up hope of liking hummus.  I’ve tried.  And save for the garlic hummus at Whole Foods from the hot bar, I have yet to find one I like.  😦

I did do something fun tonight.  I helped the hubs figure out blog settings for his school blog.  I definitely felt knowledgeable.   Even with my limited WordPress knowledge!

I’m heading to bed pretty soon.  I haven’t been getting to bed early enough and slept through my workout alarm this morning.  I don’t want to miss it again tomorrow!


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