The Best Part of Working Out…

22 Jun

…is Folgers in your cup a kitten in your window!

Lexi in the Window

Lexi waits for me in that little round window almost every morning that I go work out.  I love driving up and seeing her sitting there waiting for me!  Sorry the picture is bad but if I get too close she gets excited and moves a a lot before jumping down and meeting me at the front door.  Many times, I consider this the best time to spend with Lex because this is when she is the cuddliest.

I worked out today and yesterday which makes me really happy.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of going every day so that has been my goal for this week.  I ate terribly this weekend so I really need to work out and get my sweat on!  Yesterday I did intervals on the treadmill.  I am REALLY slow so I usually run at 5.2 and then I upped it to 6.5 in one minute intervals.  I haven’t run much in the last month so I did not accomplish a lot mileage wise but I did feel good about the workout even though I had to walk more than I hoped.  Today I did weights, focusing on legs and abs.

Yesterday I got a fun surprise.  I had ordered a new battery for my cell phone but ended up canceling with I thought I could get the phone I wanted from AT&T without a data plan.  Well, that didn’t work out so I was going to order it again.  But it came in the mail yesterday even though the order was closed.  I tried to contact the company but they said my order number didn’t exist.  I guess I just got a free battery?  I tried to pay for it but they don’t seem to be really bothered about getting their money or responding to me so until they do, it’s FREE!

Anyone know how to get a free or almost free phone from AT&T without a data plan?  All the free ones I can get without a data plan seem like terrible phones from the bad reviews they have gotten.  All the other decent phones require a data or messaging plan of $15+.  I do NOT want to pay an extra $15/month just so I can have a decent phone.  Don’t get me wrong…I would LOVE to have data on my phone but it isn’t a priority right now and we don’t want to spend the moola.  (Although if I had it…I would definitely tweet more often) GRRRR!!!!

Any ideas?


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