Blizzard Mobile

18 Jun

On Wednesday I got a fun call from the hubs on the way to work.  Lexi had an “accident” on my work boots.  We still can’t figure out why she did it.

But that night she tried to make it up to me by helping me with the dishes.

Dishwashing Kitty

She loves to get under the dishwasher when it is open.  I had to dance around that silly tail to do the dishes!

I was really looking forward to Thursday because I knew there would be a special surprise around lunch time!

Blizzard MobileThe Blizzard Mobile!

A block from my office they were giving away mini blizzards for their 25th Birthday!  We tried to beat the lunch crowd so I got it as a pre-lunch snack.  It was an Oreo Blizzard and soooo good on a hot day.

Mini BlizzardNote: this did not actually make it back to my office.  I saved it so I could take a good picture!

Tonight the hubs is going to a Dave Matthews Band concert so I’m hanging out with my Dad.  We’re watching a Disney movie and ordering pizza.  YUM!

What Disney movie should we watch? We have Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Oliver, Newsies, The Parent Trap, The Fox and the Hound or Beauty and the Beast.


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