Hit By a Truck

14 Jun

I did not post this weekend because I was exhausted! I came home on Friday and next I knew, the hubs had to wake me up for dinner. I didn’t even want to get out of the recliner!

On Saturday, we took it very easy. It consisted of an oil change on my car along with wallpaper removal. Luckily it was only the last little bit so it didn’t take to long.

I am happy to report that my house is wallpaper free!!!

If you have ever removed wallpaper, I am sure you understand. Right now I would never buy a house with wallpaper. That would be a deal breaker! Sounds trivial but all the frustration and bickering because of it is not worth it.

On Sunday, we headed out early to our Alma mater, Morehead State University. We went to see our friend in a play he was in. There were only 2 actors and he did a great job! We did dinner and ice cream and headed back home.

This weekend and today has been pretty tough emotionally. I felt like I got hit by a bad news truck! We had a dear family friend that passed away in a car crash and my grandmother has had some pretty serious health issues. Please keep her in your prayers. I kept getting details today that just made concentrating and working very difficult and I am hoping it gets better through the week.

So please understand if I am a little scatterbrained.


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