Ho Hum

2 Jun

Wow…could my life get any more boring?

After the funeral and everything that happened this weekend, we’ve been wiped.  We haven’t done much since we got back and it has been sort of nice.  However, all of that will change on Friday!!!

Who’s ready for Vegas???

I think we are more than ready to get out of town and leave behind some of our obligations.  I have been been to Vegas but it has been years (the Paris hotel was being built last time I was there) and the hubs has never been.  We are trying to work in a side trip to the Grand Canyon or possibly Disneyland while we are out there.  I’m leaving it up to hubs and the budget because I’ve been to both but I want to let him decide where he would like to go.  The only advantage is that we have a better chance of getting to meet up with my Uncle Tom and Aunt Maggie if we go to Disneyland.  they live in San Fran and it would be much easier for them to meet us at Disneyland.

This is what Lexi felt like when I told her we were leaving for Vegas on Friday:


But she does get to play with my Mom and Dad while we are gone.  My Dad really likes Lexi so I’m sure they will have a BLAST!

Any ideas on things to do in Vegas besides gambling and shows? I’m hoping to see a lot of really cool hotels but we need some ideas for other fun things to do!


One Response to “Ho Hum”

  1. iceskater9387 June 2, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    You should go to Disneyland! Not that you needed me to tell you what I think…I’m sure you already knew what I would say. 🙂
    Hi Lexi!! You’re so cute!

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