Ups and Downs

29 May

Today has certainly been up and down!  I started the day early when the hubs elbowed me in the face and woke me up at 7am.  Me = not a happy camper!  I couldn’t get back to  sleep but stayed in bed so I would be there when the Birthday Boy got up!!!  That’s right…the hubs is 25 today!

After getting up, we headed to the Farmers Market.  I love walking around the Farmers Market but so rarely do we buy something.  I think it is just hard for us to spend extra money on food when we have such a small food budget.

We then headed to Kohls to get the hubs some pants for the funeral because he doesn’t have any nice black pants anymore.  Afterwards we headed to Old Navy so I could get some new flip flops.  I love flip flops so much.  I could definitely wear them everyday.  Only walking out with 2 pairs definitely takes restraint!

We got home and I fell asleep on the couch.  Lexi woke me up by laying on my face.  She really has a problem with that.  She is a safety hazard to sleepers!

Once I got up we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack.  The hubs had never been so he decided that he wanted to do his birthday dinner there.  We headed out early and still had to wait over 30 minutes for a table.  The hubs wanted the crab nachos and I agreed even though I don’t eat crab.  I have an issue with most seafood.  It’s not an issue of the taste, I just consider it weird.  In fact, I have never tried most seafood.  Well, I tried some crab today.  Very, very little and it tasted ok but I started to feel funny.  I began to wonder if I was having a slight allergic reaction.  My tongue was tingling/on fire and my face started to get really hot.

Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  We ended up waiting over an hour for our food.  Our waiter kept saying he was checking on our food and that the manager would be out to speak to us.  The manager never came back.  When our waiter asked us if he could get us anything, the hubs asked for the bill.  Our waiter came back and said “I got everything taken off but the crab nachos”.  I cannot believe I didn’t say something to him right then!  He should have taken the nachos off for the terrible service we were getting.  The hubs and I were livid.  The waiter then asked if the manager ever came out and we told him no and left.

I cannot believe that a manager could not be bothered to handle a customer service issue.  I find that truly unacceptable.  Needless to say, we will not be going back.  Joe’s has definitely lost several customers.  Hear me when I say this: I understand when there are issues in the restaurant business…I’ve been there and worked in those situations.  It was the handling of the situation that had us so bent out of shape.

I couldn’t convince the hubs to go get something to eat anywhere else.  Joe’s has ruined the hubs birthday dinner.  I was almost in tears thinking of how his birthday was going downhill.  Ok…rant over.  I’m sorry but I just had to get that off my chest.

Every since we’ve gotten home, the hubs has been keeping busy by mowing the lawn and some other household stuff.  I can just tell the day’s events has really put a damper on his birthday.

Tomorrow we head to his hometown to go to the visitation and funeral.  That certainly won’t help his spirits.  Here’s hoping that I can brighten his spirits sometime this weekend.  He deserves it.


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