Stress Overload

28 May

Hey guys.  Yesterday I was not up to posting.  I had a stress overload!!!

I got a special project at work that had to be finished by Tuesday and I was a nervous/stressful wreck thinking about all I had to get done to complete the project.

On top of that, we received some bad news yesterday.  The hubs’ lost a lady who took care of him as a child and whom he was very close to.  So this weekend will be much less cheery.  😦

After talking to the hubs, I put my nose to the grindstone to get as much stuff done as possible. This triggered some emotional eating.  I ate half a sleeve of Thin Mints.  Aren’t you impressed that I still have Thin Mints?  I’ve never had that much problem with emotional eating as I did yesterday at work.

I then headed out to a thing for the hubs’ school.  I felt like I was on display because his students kept wanting to talk to me and shake my hand.  It was definitely weird.

But today started off much better.  I ended up getting my project finished in record time!  Thankfully, I won’t have to try to finish work while traveling for the funeral.

I’m going to attribute my better day to this beauty:

Green Monster

A super yummy Green Monster!  I’ve started adding some vanilla yogurt in them and they have become so creamy and delicious.  This tasted similar to a vanilla milkshake because of my vanilla protein powder and vanilla yogurt.

Unfortunately, I’m home alone tonight (I’m posting him after the time he should be home for safety reasons) so I’m home alone tonight.  He has to attend graduation and since I would have to sit by myself (I could sit with him last night) I chose not to go.  I am however getting pretty restless.  I want to bake something but I seriously don’t want to do any dishes.  We’ll see whether laziness or baking wins out.

Are you an emotional eater?  What do you eat when you are stressed?  How do you resist eating when you are stressed?


One Response to “Stress Overload”

  1. PhillyGirlRuns May 29, 2010 at 7:22 am #

    So funny that you were a celebrity spouse at graduation 🙂 They can be PAINFUL to sit through.

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