If I Can, You Can

24 May

For several years, I laughed in my Dad’s face when he tried to convince me to do a half marathon with him, Mom and my brother. I didn’t work out, I didn’t eat well and I DIDN’T run! I was finally convinced to do it and I was less than thrilled. I didn’t train which mean I didn’t feel well during or after the race. But I did feel the exhilaration of finishing! I had never felt anything like that before.

After talking with my best friend, Kim (Hey, Kim!!!) I found myself convincing her to do a half marathon. I never thought I would come to the day that I would be encouraging people to do what I protested against.

But here I am. I am not a runner. I will never claim to be. I enjoy how accomplished I usually feel after a decent run but I know that I am not a fast runner. I’m not sure I ever will be and that is ok. That is not my main goal. I want to finish. Usually I have a time I want to beat but I don’t necessarily have to beat it to feel such joy at finishing.

I know that endurance runners probably won’t agree with me but I think everyone (unless they have a disability to prevent them) can do a half marathon. Most people think it is a crazy thing that isn’t attainable for them. I’m here to prove that it is. I have now done five half marathons, one 10 miler, one 10k and a bunch of 5ks. Something I never would have dreamed of.

Here are some tips for starting to run:

  • Get fitted for shoes. It is so important to have the correct shoes so that you don’t get injured while training. A running store should be able to fit you. And while the shoes might cost a little more…you will be MUCH happier.
  • Start slowly. Don’t be afraid to have small goals. Most people won’t be able to just go out and run a mile at a really good pace. I know that I can’t (I consider anything under a 12 min mile a victory). If you push yourself too hard and far too fast, you will likely get injured. If your body isn’t used to running, you have to build up your endurance and distance.
  • Set goals. I think this is really important. When you bite the bullet and sign up for a 5k, you are now emotionally and financially invested which will give you motivation to stick with running. Having goals provides the motivation needed to complete the race.

*Please note: I am not a trainer. These are my personal views. Please ask a doctor before starting to train.

Once you have completed one race, you will start looking for the next one. The sense of accomplishment is infectious!!!


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  1. iceskater9387 May 25, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    Hey Erin!!

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