It’s My Birthday!!!

13 Apr

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t updated since Saturday but I’ve had a good reason!  My birthday was yesterday.  Since it was on a Monday, we celebrated with my parents and bro on Sunday night at one of my favorite restaurants, Bravo! They have the best bread and dipping sauce I’ve ever had.

Afterwards, we hit up The Comfy Cow.  The Comfy Cow is a new little homemade ice cream shop in town.  We love it.  A few weeks ago, I received their e-newsletter that said they had a new flavor, Grapefruit Sorbet.  I could eat grapefruit everyday but it gives me terrible heartburn.  I immediately wanted to try it.  We went that day and it was AWESOME!!!  Probably my fave ice cream/sorbet of all time.  I just crave it.  We went back a week or two later and they ran out.

After jokingly giving one of the owners  a hard time, he said the flavor would be returning.  So, Bravo! gave me free ice cream for my birthday but I was waiting for my grapefruit sorbet.  When I had to settle for Crème de Menthe Cookies ice cream, I was not overly happy.  I found the owner again and told him it was my birthday and came JUST for the grapefruit sorbet.  We’ve decided that we are going  to call ahead next time before we go.  I have been so disappointed that I don’t even want ice cream after that.  But, not to be a downer, when they do have it back…I’m gonna get a pint of it.  I’d probably get a gallon if the hubs would allow me.

Before dinner and ice cream, I was making cakes!  Yes, I was making my own birthday cakes.  The marketing dept. at work said that they couldn’t make anything so I should.  Of course, I don’t mind baking.  So I used my new cake pans (a gift from my best friend, Kim and her husband Jonathan) and set out to make some awesome cakes.  I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and a peanut butter cake with chocolate filling and bananas.  I did not make the icing because I have failed so many times, I didn’t want to waste time on trying to do it again.  Both recipes (minus the filling) were Betty Crocker recipes (tried to link but can’t find it on their website.  I got it out of my cookbook).  The hubs went out and got me icing and it just happened to be Betty Crocker as well.  So fun!

As soon as I got to work on Monday, I set up a meeting for everyone to have cake after lunch.  My coworkers seemed pretty excited by the looks of their IM status’.  Love it.  I received a free birthday bagel + schmear from Einstein Bros bagels.  I was saving mine for lunch but I walked with Lauren so she could get one.  While waiting for Lauren, they gave me a free Blackberry Lemonade!  Happy Birthday to me!  I was a pretty happy lady.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the cakes and, thankfully, I didn’t have a ton to take home.  I did manage to snag a couple slices for the hubs and the parental units.  And here is a pic of the inside of the cake.  My new cake pans totally rocked!

Peanut Butter Cake

Chocolate Cake

Yes, that chocolate cake was one of the best cakes I have ever made.  It was sooo rich and yummy!

Here is the pan Kim got me (forgot to take a pic of the box)

Wilton Baking PanSource

I love this pan!  It’s pretty much the coolest pan (ties with my giant cupcake pan)

After work, the hubs took me to The Melting Pot.  I love the Melting Pot.  We shared a dinner and a cheese fondue.  Totally yummy.  I was a little bummed though because I thought I had signed up for their e-club or whatever and that would have gotten me a free chocolate fondue.  We skipped that part of the meal to save money and because I made cake yesterday.  But I wish I had known.  I’m now signed up but it will take me another year to get my free fondue!!!

So that was my birthday.  It was good.  It didn’t really feel like my birthday on Monday because we celebrated on Sunday but was still fun nonetheless.  Can’t wait to spend my Bed Bath & Beyond gift card from the bro and get some fun baking thing.  Still haven’t decided what I want to get but I am more than ready to get something new!  YAY!

Hopefully there will be a post later today!  🙂


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