Figured It Out (Hopefully)

10 Apr

Well…I think I have found a little clarity when it comes to the purpose of this blog. I am still not sure exactly where baking comes into the picture but I do know that I have been really encouraged by healthy living/food blogs. I feel like I am trying to make some really positive changes in my life, and more specifically my diet.

I know that I am, by no means, a healthy example. But I am starting to understand what foods to stay away from. Example: I now realize that I cannot make a wise/healthy decision while eating Mexican. I enjoy cheese dip and sour cream too much. After discussing that with the hubby, we have agreed to start thinking about those things before making a restaurant choice.

Another recent change I made is trying to incorporate more veggies in my diet. This may seem obvious, but I am not a lover of veggies. I really want to like veggies but the truth is that I don’t. I would love to actually get excited about a salad but that has never happened. So I have started forcing myself to eat tomatoes. I loathe tomatoes but I have found that they are okay in sandwiches. I’m trying to force myself to learn to like them and I already feel like I have passed a huge hurdle. If I can learn to like tomatoes, maybe there is still hope for other veggies.

Now, I won’t say that I am not going to bake yummy things anymore. I don’t know how baking fits into my healthier eating plan, but I do know that I have no desire to stop baking. Maybe I am supposed to figure out healthier ways to create these treats. Who knows? I am very excited to see where this takes me!

This Week

I know I haven’t had much consistency with blogging recently but Im hoping that will change. Last week I got back into weight lifting for my arms and a little for my legs. It felt good to start feeling strong again. Can’t wait to get some muscle definition!

Unfortunately, I did not work out/ run today. I meant to but I really wanted to get to a farmers market on the other side of town. I also had a hair appt today so with all of that, I didn’t have a chance to fit it in. I’m going to try to get some cardio in tomorrow. I need to get a long run in this weekend because we are only a few weeks away from the mini.

Speaking of the mini, I am signed up for the Flying Pig Mini Marathon in Cincinnati the Sunday after the Derby mini. I’m running it with my Dad and we are doing it for fun. I am not sure how my legs or foot will feel but I can’t wait to do I with my Dad. All I want is the really cool medal at the finish line so that is my motivation.

I do have several pictures to share but since I am doing this on my iPod, I will have to wait until I get to a comp to share.

Have a great Saturday night!


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