Just Call Me Rudolph

22 Mar

I must have the reddest nose on earth right now!  I’ve gone through almost an entire box of tissues before lunch and my nose can vouch for that.  I think I have rubbed my nose raw.  A few were used at home but I’m sure I’m going to have to go out and buy some more in a little while.  Meanwhile, my head hurts and my nose and ears are stuffed up.

I’ve been really hungry since the race on Saturday.  I was hoping it would subside but I am soooo hungry!  I’ve been trying to drink water but that isn’t seeming to help any.  And unfortunately, most of my snacks are dairy products which will only make me more congested.  But if I get hungry enough…you’d better believe I will eat my yummy yogurt!  I’ll prob. grab a small snack when I go get some more tissues.  And I’m sure I’ll cave in and eat my yogurt.  It’s definitely a problem when all your snacks are dairy and you are congested!  Note to self: find some different snacks.

Actually, the reason that I eat so much dairy is because I was tested in the fall and was found to have low bone density.  That was a huge shocker for me.  I’m only 23 and I always thought I ate a lot of dairy.  I put cheese (and lots of it) on everything!  I can’t help it.  Plus milk and yogurt are good for you.

On a typical day, I have low-fat string cheese for a snack before lunch and yogurt with lunch.  My lunch usually consists of something with cheese on and/or in it.  The amount of dairy I eat is probably not good but I have seem a decrease in joint pain since I made a concerted effort to eat more of it.  Before I was tested, my elbows started to hurt really bad when I was lifting weights.  A trainer at my gym thought that low bone density could be the cause of all the problems.  I don’t know how the two connect but I do know that my joints feel better.

I’m dreading buying the tissues because I’m pretty sure they won’t have the brand i like to keep my nose happy.  I might even have to get some lotion for my poor nose.  😦


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