Running + Sickness = Not Fun

20 Mar

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often recently.  It’s been a pretty rough week.  I haven’t slept well and have had a really hard time keeping everything together.

Thursday…I don’t remember what I did Thursday.  Wait…I do.  We had pictures for the church directory.  The hubs was really not happy about taking pictures.  He tried to get me to cancel because he just despises getting his pictures taken.  Now, let it be known that I am not photogenic.  I always look terrible in pictures.  These directory pictures were no different.

Before the pictures, the hubs and I went for a walk.  We took a nice stroll to McD’s for dinner.   I have warmed up to McD’s because I can have a pretty healthy dinner for really cheap.  I had a grilled snack wrap with the ranch on the side with a fruit and walnut salad.  The grapes were nothing to write home about but I did enjoy the apples and yogurt.  Hubby ate the walnuts.

I still did not wake-up for a workout this week.  Friday was no exception.  In fact, when I woke up on Friday I felt like I had been hit by a train.  I was really aching and my eyelids felt like they were 5,000 lbs.  I did something Friday morning that I am not proud of (because I have always said that I will never become someone who does this)…I drank coffee.  I had a Breve Mocha with Peppermint from Java to try to cover up the taste.  It was still really strong but I drank it because I had to.  I couldn’t concentrate on the screen of my computer.  I was worried that I would not be able to get anything done at work with several pressing deadlines.

We had some friends from Morehead (where we both went to college) come to see us and some other grads.  It was really fun.  We tried a new restaurant Ramsi’s Cafe on the World which everyone enjoyed.  We had never been before but some others had.  I’ve heard a lot about it but we do not frequent Bardstown Rd like most people.  We find the lack of parking and congestion just not worth it.  I was not very adventurous so I had a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich.  The hubs had some stir-fry.

Afterwards we headed to Westport Village.  Many of the boys had coffee from La Vida Java and everyone else had ice cream from The Comfy Cow.  Mine was Creme de Menthe Cookies and Creme.  It was delish!  What I love about The Comfy Cow is that they handmake the ice cream every day.  And the flavors change so it is always different.

We left the group and headed home because we had a 10k race today.  Usually we ride with my parents but for various reasons we had to drive ourselves.  We parked at the parking garage for my office because it was only a couple of blocks from the start line and we could access a bathroom!  That is always so important before a race.

After meeting up with everyone, we ended up being a little late to the start.  The race started while we were still walking towards it.  The nice part is that your time doesn’t count until you cross the start line.  That’s the beauty of timing chips.  It will count your actual time and not what the race clock says.  After starting, I automatically had trouble.  I haven’t been feeling well and this morning was worst that the rest.  I was just hoping (and praying) that I could make it through this race so I could go back to bed.

Before I could even make it to mile one, I had to stop.  There was a hill and I automatically felt defeated.  I just started praying for strength and endurance.  I did pretty well after that until after the 3 mile marker.  Right after I passed that, I had a debilitating cramp in my ribs.  I equate it to what I assume someone with asthma would feel.  I’ve never had such pain and I literally could not breathe.  I was barely walking at this point.  I started praying for this pain to get away so that I could just finish and as soon as I got up the nerve to try running again (the pain was still there before I started running) the pain went away.  I can only attribute that to the strength and healing God provides.

After that renewed strength, I went back to running.  I still had some trouble going up the hills because I am not as trained as I want to be but I did feel pretty good about the second half of the race.  I was very surprised to see that I passed the finish line at 1:18 something!  I didn’t expect to do that well since I hadn’t run or anything this past week.  I found out later that my actual chip time was 1:14:48!!!  That’s even better.  I thought I would be much closer to 1:30.  So this is good news.  Even though I have tendinitis and my foot hasn’t been doing all that well, it’s nice to know that I am doing better and am in better shape than the past two years running the mini.

We headed to Cracker Barrel with Dad for some brunch.  Several runners came in after and we were pretty pleased that we beat the crowd.  The bfast was good and I was pretty happy with what I had.

The rest of the day has been pretty lazy.  We got home and I iced my ankle and my knee.  I took a short nap (actually, I don’t know how long I actually slept) and woke up feeling even worse.  So I have been taking it easy so I will be  well rested for work on Monday.  Hopefully, I will get to post tomorrow.  I don’t know how I’ll feel but I’ll try to keep you updated.

Yay for a good race today!  I hope that I will feel better for the 10 miler in 2 weeks.


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