Cookies Coming on Friday!

9 Mar

Yesterday wasn’t exciting.  I wish I had something fun to write but I can’t find anything that REALLT stood out yesterday.  I did finally give my Dad his birthday present (his b-day was on Saturday).  It was a really neat poster of Freedom Hall with all the different mascots and coaches on it.  We also gave him a Red Bird.  An energy drink that is named after the Cardinal Bird.  My Dad will never drink it but I knew he would think it was funny.  Which…he did.  Forgot to take pictures so maybe Dad can and email them to me.  I’m still getting used to this camera and having it in my purse all the time.

I found out from the hubby that I get to bake cookies for Friday!  He uses the cookies as rewards for games that he uses as a study guide (I think).  Last time, the hubby didn’t realize he needed some and therefore I couldn’t bake any cookies.  His kids complained that I did not make the cookies.  Apparently Oreos are not as good as whatever I make!!!  Such a good compliment.  At least it made me feel good.  So, I’m planning on making Double Chocolate Chip Cookies that I will be editing a little from a recipe I’ve done before.   I think they will probably taste similar to Subway’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and I can’t wait!  I salivate when thinking about those cookies so I’m looking forward to trying to make a copycat recipe.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a recipe section.  This blog started so that I could give credit to the blogs that I have gotten my recipes from but has turned into a mix of daily life a recipes.  So I wanted to make the recipes easy to find.  I will be adding recipes I’ve tried onto there when I have a few minutes of free time.  I’d like to do it tonight but I’m hoping for a nice loooooong walk outside tonight (unless it is raining).  I slept through my alarm this morning so I’d like to get outside and walk a little.  I might try to get outside for the rest of my lunch hour (less than 30 min) but I don’t have anywhere to go.  I’d rather run an errand or something instead of just walking since I work downtown.

Another post here in a little bit about my “baby”…Lexi!  She is my kitty cat and I treat her like she is my child.  Just took a couple of really cute pics of her the other day so I’m going to show her off!


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