9 Mar

As mentioned before, I’m going to do a post on my kitty cat, Lexi.  She was rescued from the Humane Society in late August and she was about 7-8 months at that point.  So she should be about a year if not a little older.

Lexi's First Day

This was Lexi’s first day in our home.  She was skittish at first but she really warmed up to me and Trent.


I woke up from a nap during her first week and she was knocked out.  I guess we are too much fun for her!

Wake Up

So I woke her up!  This is one of my favorite pictures of her.  I really like this picture.

The next picture, however, terrifies me.  She goes upstairs and always looks like she is going to fall off the landing.  She couldn’t be happier playing with the rail but it makes me really nervous.  Luckily I got this picture of her being goofy!


Isn’t that scary?  I would prefer she not do that but she doesn’t really ask me before she does anything!


Hanging out in the bars again.

I think I should mention some weird traits that Lexi has.  Not normal cat traits.  She likes LOVES water.  We have a hard time keeping water in her bowl because she plays in it.  Often she will jump on us and her paws are soaked.  She loves playing with the water coming out of a faucet.  She’s CRAZY!!!

She will also eat just about anything.  She doesn’t like scrambled eggs but will eat Baked Lays, flour, Cheerios, icing and just about anything else she can get to.


We usually don’t let her in our bedroom because she tends to destroy things but with proper supervision, and when we are feeling nice, we let her in.  This was one of those times.  She ran in and was lucky that I didn’t kick her out.  After hanging out and trying to destroy some jewelry she collapsed on the bed.


She was not happy to be woken up.  However, this picture reminds me that maybe we should lay off the Cat Chow because she looks awfully chubby!  And mad.  I guess I shouldn’t wake a sleeping cat!

So there you have the spoiled cat that is Lexi.  Now, when I refer to her you will have some idea of what I’m talking about!  🙂


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