A Personal Best!

6 Mar

Today the fam and I ran the Anthem 5k, which is part of the triple crown of running. It is also part of my training for the mini marathon. Ever since I found out I have tendinitis in my heel, my training hasn’t gone very well so I was pretty worried about how I would do. I also haven’t been running outside because I worry I will further injury either one of my feet.

Well, I ran all but about a tenth of a mile. This is definitely an accomplishment for me. I haven’t even done that well on the treadmill. Unfortunately I did walk a little because my foot stated hurting pretty badly but I decided that I wasn’t going to let my injury defeat me. My dr told me that I wouldn’t injure it any further but that I should have some physical therapy. Ultimately my insurance wouldn’t pay for it so I have had to just try and rehabilitate my foot myself.

Anyway, back to my run. I did really well until the 2 mile mark. Then I slowed down to a walk but picked it back up pretty quickly. I was so excited to find out that my official time was 35:34!!! I am usually not under 40 mins. I guess training really does pay off. In 2 weeks I have a 10k and then another 2 weeks after that, a 10 miler. I hope I am ready. The past 2 minis I haven’t trained for bu somehow I feel much less prepared this year!


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