Chocolate Amish Friendship Bread

5 Mar

Well, I finally got a decent looking blog.  I had to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I like it MUCH better!  I could finally put up a decent them but the be perfectly honest, I can’t find a theme that I like that involves baking.  OUr designer at work has mentioned that she will help me with the theming of the site if I feed her cupcakes.  I think that is a pretty good deal for me!!!  She is passionately about website and photography.  You can see her work with Spry Media Photography.  She and her boyfriend take some pretty amazing photos.  So, if the website starts to look a little different…it’s because she is awesome!

Last night I made the Amish Bread from last week but I just exchanged all the cinnamon with cocoa.  A lot of people really liked it.  I thought it tasted like a mixture between cake and brownie. If you like yummy chocolate, I think it is a good recipe to try.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I don’t have a great point and shoot camera to use and I don’t have a comp to upload them to except at work.  And unfortunately, I don’t think it would be best to upload everything at work…although if I use my lunch hour it might not be that bad.  What do you think?


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