Our Last Home Game

1 Mar

Many of you do not know this but I am not a sports person.  I don’t understand football but I do understand most of the other major sports.  My whole family growing up and now my husband are huge sports fans.  Unfortunately, I now know what Pardon the Interruption (PTI) and Around the Horn are.    But one team I have grown really fond of is the UofL Women’s Basketball team (my parents have season tickets).  

Last year, we were awesome.  We have Angel McCoughtry (who is now in the NBA) and Candyce Bingham (now playing in Germany) and we were the NCAA runner ups.  Pretty good if you ask me.  This year, we’ve been plagued by injuries.  We haven’t had an experienced point guard for most of the year and when we did, she was dealing with an injury.  Several times, we’ve only have 6 or 7 players who could play.  Basically that means we have a team of freshman coming off a really good year.  And our games have been bad…understandably so.

But Saturday’s game against USF was our last game in Freedom Hall.  Louisville is building a new arena downtown (closer to me for weekday night games) and both Men’s and Women’s basketball are being moved to the new as-yet-un-named arena.  Pretty bittersweet but Freedom Hall has seen better days.  MUCH better days.  I’m almost squealing with delight when I think about how nice the restrooms will be in the new arena.

Here are a few of the decent pictures I took at the last home game at Freedom Hall on Saturday.

That’s Shelby Harper.  Our freshman point guard.  She’s awesome!
I’ll miss it!
Go for it, Shelby!
Shelby, you can’t do that.  You fouled her.  Now, don’t do it again!
Our fearless leader, Coach Walz!
Our buddy, Sophia, eating the pecans out of the Butter Pecan ice cream.  Her favorite part.
I’m pretty sure that she only comes to the game for the ice cream.
The new Cardinal bird that my Dad got her.
Staring at her Cardinal bird and putting on her “whipstick”
I’m sure I’ll love the new arena, and I think my parents have found a way to sit next to many of the people we do now, but it won’t be the same.  
And as I write this, my Dad is bringing me a cookie!  Gotta run!

One Response to “Our Last Home Game”

  1. Bill March 2, 2010 at 2:41 am #

    Now how did you know I was bringing you a cookie??? And I'm enjoying reading this BTW!

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