Yummy Food

27 Feb

The hubby and I are eating at a Louisville staple tonight… Mark’s Feed Store. Many Louisvillians adore this little restaurant but neither he nor I have ever been. I have had the catered BBQ at functions but have not actually been to the establishment. Well, I am happy to say that we both really enjoyed our meals.

We ordered cornbread and it came with cinnamon butter. Yum! I’m even taking some home. Can’t wait to eat that tomorrow…hopefully it wil be before the hubby eats it himself. He usually likes my leftovers. My meal was a lite meal with a baked potato. I had them put the BBQ chicken on the potato and it was pretty good. I have had better but it wasn’t too bad.

Since I’ve eaten out the past two days on the business trip, I really need to work out. I’m starting not to feel well because of all the junk I’ve eaten. We have to be disciplined and go to the gym tomorrow instead of sleeping in no matter how tired we are. That’s been a really big struggle of ours lately. We have been so tired and lazy that we haven’t really been taking good care of ourselves. But it’s time to leave.


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