Me in a Nutshell

17 Feb

Since I read so many baking/cooking and craft blogs, I thought it would be fun if I could as well. So here I am.

I got married to my wonderful husband in July, 2008. Before I got married, I never really baked anything or really had any desire to. My mom is known for a couple of different desserts that she is required (by me) to bake during specific holidays. I’ve helped her make them but still never felt like I really wanted to bake. That all changed once I got married. I found that I LOVE to bake. The hubby thinks I’m crazy because I will bake something and then won’t eat it. But I’ve realized that the reason that I like to bake is to serve people. I’m known in the office as someone who bakes and I love knowing that people expect me to bring something delicious to our company lunches. So this blog will be about what I’ve baked and my life with the hubby. We’re on a pretty tight budget so we don’t have the money for me to bake as often as I’d like, but I’m more than happy to share the recipes that I do have the chance to create. I’m not a photographer so you’ll have to bear with the few pictures that I deem acceptable to show the outside world.

Happy Reading!


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